3 Tone Grey Colour Contact Lens 1 Pair View larger

3 Tone Grey Colour Tint Contact Lens 1 Pair


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3 Tone Grey Colour Tint Contact Lens 1 Pair

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  • 4 Your Eyes Only cosmetic colour soft contact lens are 0 powered for 30 day use only. Once the blister seal is opened do not wear after 30 day period.
  • Must NOT BE purchased or worn if
  • a) You are under the age of 16
  • b) If you suffer from any pre-exisiting eye condition
  • c) If you have never worn eye contacts or have not been trained in contact lens insertion and removal by a qualified eye care practitioner.
  • Contents 2 Tone Sterile Pair Cosmetic Colour Soft Eye Contact Lens
  • Diameter 14.2mm Base Curve 8.6mm
  • 43% Water 57% Polymacon immersed in buffered saline solution

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